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The Covert War: Koevoet Operations in Namibia: 1979-1989 - Peter Stiff
The 3rd book in Peter Stiff's Trilogy on South African Warfare. The mostly untold story of Koevoet, the South African Police's highly successful counterinsurgency unit, initially based on the Selous Scouts of Rhodesia, formed in 1979 and deployed in Namibia until independence in 1989 when it was disbanded as a sop to the UN. During its almost ten year existence it fought in 1615 contacts and killed or captured 3 225 of SWAPO's PLAN soldiers - the equivalent of almost six battalions of troops. But it paid a high price in blood and lost almost 160 policemen killed in action with another 949 wounded - more grievous casualties than any other South African fighting unit since World War II. More

Nine Days of War and South Africa’s Final days in Namibia - Peter Stiff
By 1st April 1989, in terms of the UN supervised peace deal, the South Africans had demobilised the powerful SWA Territory Force, drastically reduced the strength of the SADF in Namibia and confined the rest to their bases. Meanwhile, more than 1 600 heavily armed SWAPO fighters were massing in Angola along the Namibian border. This tells how when they crossed into Namibia, the Koevoet counter-insurgency unit fought them to a standstill and defeated them.More

The Silent War: South African Recce operations 1969 - 1994 - Peter Stiff
It is the ultimate book on South African military operations during the apartheid years. It includes the Recces manning and staffing Rhodesia's 'D' Squadron SAS, and, after the fall of Rhodesia, how the Rhodesian SAS and Selous Scouts were re-formed as Recce units in South Africa. This amazing book tells not only the story of South Africa's special elite forces, it has also been described as the most important and frank history of South Africa itself during the apartheid years. It is also the most illuminating book on special forces published anywhere. Not only does Stiff deal with military operations but he also explains the political dynamics that prompted them.More

See You in November - The Story of an SAS Assassin - Peter Stiff 
In September 1979 'Taffy', a Rhodesian Central Intelligence Organisation operator, went to London to assassinate Robert Mugabe at the Lancaster House constitutional talks. His plan to detonate an explosive device in the foyer of the Royal Gardens Hotel, Kensington, was advanced to trigger stage when the operation, code named 'November' was called off....
This is the true account of the Rhodesian Intelligence war, told by Taffy, the code name of the leader of the Central Intelligence Organisation's most secret external operational team. It is an incredible story of more than six years of high adventure, of bravery and of cunning, of fortitude and of an aloneness brought about by the participants being aware that if they were caught, their country, Rhodesia, would disavow all knowledge of them. It is a story that if Rhodesia still existed, would not have been told.More

Selous Scouts: Top Secret War - Lt-Col Ron Reid Daly, as told to Peter Stiff
The story of the Selous Scouts Regiment of Rhodesia, (Special Forces psuedo-terrorist unit) formed in 1973 and abolished without benefit of formal disbandment in 1980, when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. It was officially credited with being directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of 68% of all guerrillas killed within Rhodesia during the war - for the loss of less than 40 Selous Scouts. More

Taming the Landmine - Peter Stiff
The first book written on the development of the landmine as a tactical weapon combined with the advances made in the design of mine protected vehicles as used during the bush war in Rhodesia and later in South Africa.More

Cry Zimbabwe - Peter Stiff
This timely book deals with Zimbabwe’s independence, the elections crooked in ZANU-PF’s favour in 1980 and at every election since. South Africa’s destabilisation, genocide by Mugabe’s 5-Brigade in Matabeleland, Mugabe’s failed attempt to bring in his faulty constitution, the farm invasions, the murders and the mayhem in the lead-up to the 2000 elections. More

The Rain Goddess - Peter Stiff
In the late 1960s to early 1970s Peter Stiff was a senior officer in the British South Africa Police, Rhodesia. Internal insurgency combined with major armed guerrilla incursions from Zambia had commenced, but the government played them down to the public at large. In an effort to maintain public morale/ignorance only the police, and latterly regular army soldiers, were deployed on counter-insurgency operations. The government was determined to avoid casualties amongst young national servicemen.
Stiff did not subscribe to the view that the public should be kept in the dark. After resigning his commission in 1972 he wrote The Rain Goddess, a 'fictional' account of the bush war based on his own experiences and those of his former police comrades. It was impossible to write it as non-fiction because this would have carried the sanction of a prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. The Rain Goddess served its intended purpose and alerted an amazed Rhodesian public to the undeclared war then raging on its doorstep. The Rain Goddess is widely recognised as the classic book on the Rhodesian Bush War. More

Warfare by other Means - Peter Stiff
This explosive book explores the methods of highly unconventional warfare conducted by South Africa's secret intelligence and covert warfare units, always highly deniable and one step away from the offical war machine during the final years of apartheid. It is mostly compiled from first hand of operators who took part. More

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